Digitrim 20/44/64 - Autosquaring Automatic Cutters

20" Table Top version

Digitrim is a recent innovation introduced for digital print finishing. Its main feature is the is ability to sense cut marks placed between multiple digital images, printed or exposed simultaneously on single pages or rolls of digital media. Paper alignmente is automatically set by cutmarks. You only have to put curmarks around your images.

  Digitrim distingue marche di taglio poste tra immagini multiple stampate con qualsiasi sistema digitale Elimina le possibilità di errore da parte dell'operatore, semplice da usare, tagli veloci e precisi  
Ability to distinguish cutmarks between multiple images
Operator error free, easy to use, quick and accurate cutting!

Most printing devices have the capability to create Cut Marks automatically. In case this option is not available, each Digitrim can be supplied as an option with TrimManager, the Rip software that nests, clones and paginates automatically different images on the same web. You can download it from our RIP Support page.