Rollcut WR64/64s - Digital Print Cutters

The Wide Rollcut WR64/64s series has the ability to cut both X and Y axis providing the fastest finish of posters printed in rolls, (transport speed up to 18 meters per minute).

Multiple motorized cutting units (optional) can be easily positioned anywhere across the width to trim several images printed on the same row.

The horizontal blade cuts accross the media producing perfectly square trimmed images.

It is simple and easy to load...
Easier to use with the new keyboard.
The WR64s fatures also an automatic Y cutting correction.

The units can handle numerous tyoes of mediawith a maximum thickness of 0.5mm (20mil) including Polycarbonates, Laminates and Encapsulated media, Photo Paper, Vinyl, Sticky Back Vinyl, PVC, Inkjet and Electrostatic Plotters media, Graphic Arts Film, Duratrans and MANY more.

The software and the adjustable slicing units allow easy handling of different size formats within the same roll.